Creativity fills my soul.

I am lucky to be gifted with a 6th sense for finding talented people.  A combination of style combined with a profound love of a creating structure – like a timeline or an organizational chart -- make me unique.  Chat me up, reach out, and ask questions anytime by emailing me at

RANDOM information you may need to know about me:

10 I TEN  I am from Indiana – land of basketball, Halston and David Letterman. 

9 I NINE This is my favorite photo of myself. 

8 I EIGHT  My mom taught me to always give back

7 I SEVEN I make my bed as soon as my feet hit the ground. 

6 I SIX  My Myers Briggs test type is INTJ. 

5 I FIVE  I didn’t go to kindergarten – my mom told me i was too smart

4 I FOUR  I collect quotes, cigarette cases and portraits. 

3 I THREE  I have two dogs

2 I TWO  I, not so secretly, desire to be a back-up singer for the Rolling Stones. 

1 I ONE thing you need to know…  I‘ve never spent a day without being inspired.



plans, coordinates, and produces weddings, mitzvahs, social occasions, and non-profit as well as corporate events.  She has an extensive background in marketing and customer service and has almost a decade of planning and coordinating experience.

Anissa started her career in event management as a volunteer for CASA of Monterey County and has since produced numerous events for the Alzheimer's Association, Meals on Wheels, Mountain Community Resource Center and Tandy Beal and Company.  

Anissa has strong communication skills geared to both internal leadership and providing outstanding customer service. She is an excellent multi-tasker and is very organized. Not only is she detailed oriented, but she is also passionate about customer service and building relationships. Anissa works hard to ensure beautiful and stress-free events.

Anissa also loves spending time with her beau and three rescue dogs, dining at new restaurants and enjoying live music.   She serves on Community Bridges' Philanthropy Committee, is a Friend of Meals on Wheels and a volunteer driver for Meals on Wheels.  


Here are ten things you may want to know about me....they are all things I need to know about me:

1 I ONE  I am an introvert with a loud voice.

2 I TWO  I find eloquence to be the most attractive quality in another human.

3 I THREE  I believe that having the courage to engage in the world creatively is contagious.

4 I FOUR  Loving shoes is an art.

5 I FIVE  I love shoes.

6 I SIX  I often find myself conflicted about what candle to light because I only have scented candles.

7 I SEVEN  I work as a therapist, I live as an artist.

8 I EIGHT  My bedroom is a converted attic, my family refers to me as Anne Frank.....I've been knownto spend an entire day writing in my room.

9 I NINE  My life motto is "insight doesn't equal transcendence".

10 I TEN  I don't believe in top 10 lists.

11 I ELEVEN   39 is my favorite number.